Earth Collection

The Earth Collection

Our earth collection has been especially developed for the Prosthetic and Orthotic industries to truly offer usable, natural and bio-based alternatives without compromising on quality or strength. Traditionally, laminated prosthetic and orthotic devices are manufactured from many different reinforcing materials which mostly have an acrylic matrix (methyl methacrylate based). Although these resins are good they have many disadvantages i.e. low structural strength, strong solvent odour, hazardous, flammable and irritating. The hardener (organic peroxide), is a combustive and produces CMR products (carcinogenic, mutagenic and reproductive).

Our earth collection of eco based materials are less hazardous than those traditionally used, better for the environment, easier and cleaner to work with as well as being cost effective. The collection consists of natural sourced composite materials which are sustainable and have low environmental impact. The natural fibres provide excellent mechanical properties and are comparable with currently used fibres but with the added benefits of less health hazards, less irritating, nontoxic and non-carcinogenic.

We have been developing this range and have had extensive testing carried out at the Univesity of Leicester in the UK and by Intetek UK who are an independant test house. Full test results are available in our seperate earth collection brochure. Download a copy from our full range of catalogues available in the 'downloads' tab located at the top of the website.