LimbWear Prosthetic Socks


LimbWear Prosthetic Socks

We offer a range of cotton prosthetic socks which are manufactured using the highest quality yarns and all benefit from our "Non-restrictive cuff" design. Although non-restrictive, the cuff design and the use of Lycra® ensures that they retain their shape and fit perfectly.

Our socks are manufactured on state of the art machinery and do not have any internal seams that may cause discomfort.

As these are Class 1 medical products, all of the materials used conform to the Õko-Tex standard 100, so meet all necessary requirements.

There are 2 standard thicknesses: Plain= Thin, Terry= Thick

With locking-pin silicone liners being so commonly used, we offer a reinforced distal hole across the entire cotton range.

All of our socks are pre-shrunk, so the size you order retains its size, wash after wash.

Bi-Thickness BK/Trans-Tibial socks 

Designed to help combat fluctuating volume issues. These are 2 different thicknesses which have can be ordered with Plain upper/Terry lower or Terry upper/Plain lower

Caucasian and Black socks

For cosmetic reasons we also have a limited range of caucasian and black cotton prosthetic socks available in a limited range with and without pin-locking holes.

"Colours " Printed socks   

This is a totally unique range of printed cotton prosthetic socks to encourage children to wear them and enjoy showing them off.                                                               

Nylon sheaths

Our sheer Nylon sheaths are ideal for donning aids or used directly against the skin to add to the comfort of the user. A limited range of Nylon "Mitts" are also available for smaller uses. We also have a Nylon "over sheath" designed to be worn with a pin-locking liner to aid donning and extend the life of covers etc. These ate available in a range of colours.

Suction Liner prosthetic Socks

These are used with silicone suction liners and sit above the sealing rings so that air is not leaked to the seal.