Basalt Fibre Braids

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Basalt Fibre Braid, Tape And Cloth

LimbTex Basalt is made from superior Basalt fibres derived from volcanic rock making it an eco-friendly and natural material. Specially developed for the industry this material can be used for complete sockets or local reinforcement. By offering a similar surface finish to Carbon fibre it could also be used for a decorative finish.

  • Safer and cleaner to use than other composites.
  • Little to no skin irritation from dust or loose fibres.
  • Mechanical properties between, Carbon and Glass fibre makes it a useful and interesting alternative.
  • Easier and cleaner to machine than Glass, Carbon and Aramid fibres. Compatible with all resins but performs best with Orthopoxy®.
  • Non-toxic and non-carcinogenic.
  • Lower Rated PPE required to Carbon Fibre (P1 Dust Mask not P3).
  • Excellent strength and durability as well as being lightweight.

Available in Braids, Unidirectional Tape and 2/2 Twill Cloth