Our Acrylic resins are blended specifically for the orthopaedic industry, being light weight with excellent strength. They are methyl-methacrylate based, transparent and require a hardening powder to cure them. Our resins are less viscous than other systems on the market which gives a much better "wet out" and reduces the chance of de-lamination whilst enhancing the strength of the lamination. The range consists of Lamination resin (80/20), Carbon resin, Sealing resin, Flexible resin and Sealing resin gel, all of which can be mixed to give tailored results for your specific requirements. The cured resins are thermoplastic, so the socket can be adjusted with a heat gun and reshaped if necessary. They are also non-irritating. Mixing ratio is 2-3g of hardening powder to 100g of resin (different climates will have effects on the curing), please ask for guidance. Our Silicones resins are again, blended specifically for the orthopaedic industry and are available in a range of different Shore hardnesses. Both resin systems can be coloured using our 2 specific ranges of pigments

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