LimbWear Prosthetic Socks

LimbWear Prosthetic socks are made from the highest quality yarns available and all benefit from our "non-restrictive cuff". Although non-restrictive the cuff design and the use of Lycra® ensures that they retain their shape and fit perfectly. Our socks are manufactured on state of the art machinery and do not have any inner seams that may cause discomfort.  As these are all class 1 medical products, all of the materials used conform to the Öke-Tex Standard 100, so meet all necessary requirements. The cotton we use is very soft to give the softest feel possible to our finished products and comfort to the user. As pin-locking systems for silicone liners are very common, we offer a reinforced distal hole across the whole cotton range.  All of our socks are pre-shrunk, so the size you order retains it's size wash after wash. Our sheer Nylon sheaths are ideal to use as donning aids or directly against the skin to add to the comfort of the user. If you have particular requirements for other yarns, treatments, sizes etc, please contact us as we may be able to custom manufacture something for you (min order will apply)

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Our  Range:

Sheer nylon Sheaths This is our thinnest sock/sheath that we provide and it is manufactured from 100% fine Nylon yarn that offers comfort when worn directly against the skin. It can also be worn over a liner to aid the liner sliding into a prosthetic socket. The open mesh design allows airflow, keeping the residual limb comfortable.

Plain Knit Prosthetic Socks - This is our middle thickness sock and it provides a comfortable, breathable, cushioning interface between the residual limb and the prosthetic limb socket.

 Terry Towelling Knit Prosthetic Socks - These are the thickest socks that we offer. They are very comfortable,breathable and provide a cushioning interface between the residual limb and the prosthetic limb socket.

 Socks with a Locking Pin Hole - A variety of our socks are designed to be usedto be used with a Locking Pin Liner so have a reinforced hole in the distal end of the sock for the pin to pass through. These socks are to help with residual limb volume fluctuation or to extend the life of a prosthetic socket if it becomes too loose. The hole is sewn in a specific way so that it reinforces the fibres and prevents the yarns from fraying which could cause problems by fouling the Pin Lock etc


 Bi Thickness Sock - These are designed for the Trans-Tibial wearer and are constructed with either Plain knit at the top and Terry Knit at the bottom or Terry at the top and Plain at the bottom. They are used to compensate for the volume increase or reduction at the proximal or distal end of the residual limb. This is a much better option than the old fashioned way of using a spare sock cut in half or the more time consuming half leather lining.

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